Integrated and Interoperable Traffic Management

  • Our intelligent transportation system’s backbone software helps for coordinated teamwork among the different traffic management divisions.
  • It helps the public authorities and personnel whom are responsible from daily traffic management, by enabling them to manage the different components of the traffic network, simultaneously from a single platform.
  • It increases the operational efficiency of the traffic operators and their respective departments by decreasing the administrative burden of managing isolated traffic divisions.

  • Increased Urban Mobility

  • Our traffic management software, METIS, helps to decrease the traffic congestion and overall travel time.

  • It results in increased mobility for urban travelers in the transportation network.

  • Lower Carbon Emission

    Sustainable Cities

  • Our transportation management solutions offer sustainable cities by decreasing carbon emissions.

  • Due to improvements in waiting times in the transportation network, it plays a major role in the reduction of carbon emissions and in the reduction of air pollution.

  • Effective and Dynamic Transportation Plannin

  • Our intelligent transportation management backbone software processes and analyzes the traffic data from all the systems and sensors in the transportation network.

  • It offers valuable insights and information to the urban administrations, for an effective and dynamic transportation planning.

  • Efficient and Coordinated Workflow

  • METIS enables the coordinated and cooperative management of the workflows, to the public authorities, responsible from the traffic management. It increases operational efficiency of traffic divisions, which results in saved time and resources.

  • Decreased Fuel Consumption

  • METIS helps to decrease the fuel consumption by minimizing traffic delay and waiting times in the transportation network.

  • Fast and Effective Incident Management

  • Our incident management software offers action plans to decision-makers in the traffic management. It is achieved by detecting the unexpected traffic incidents in ever-changing traffic situation.
  • This software helps to decrease response time to the traffic incidents, for a fast and effective intervention.

  • Comprehensive Traffic Analysis and Reporting

  • Our intelligent transportation management solutions process and analyze 2 billion daily traffic data which are gathered from 750,000 vehicle GPS, thousands of cameras, Bluetooth, heat and different types of sensors.

  • It turns this data pool into actionable traffic information and displays it with an intuitive and simple user interface.