• METIS has 99.99% availability. Software monitoring tools automatically scale and predict possible failure when there is an increase in usage and demand in the system.

  • Scalability

  • METIS has high scalability. These dynamic balancing systems help to cluster the databases when there is an increase in the current use and information request.

  • Interoperability

  • All modules of our traffic management platform are working integrated. The modules holding by event manager share their own data and take actions according to the received data.

  • The event manager is responsible for managing and monitoring the actions performed by the applications.

  • Adaptability

  • New applications and components could easily have added without disrupting the current state of software.
  • The software informs the event manager about the new actions that can be performed via the newly added applications and components and gives access to the users of the existing applications in the system.

  • Security

  • Our traffic management software is supported with device-level encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols to secure sensitive data for existing applications.
  • Transport Layer Security creates security between the server and the client before data transfer takes place.

  • Open API

  • The methods of our software are open to third-party developers. Developers who want to access the system interface could use the shared API information and the system could integrate with new devices / applications.

  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface

  • In our traffic management software, communication between the system and the user could be established quickly and easily with the help of the intuitive user interface. Users could easily access customized traffic data and reports according to their needs.