Hardware and Sensor Integration

  • Parabol designs its software to be integrated into any system and sensor set in the traffic network.
  • They are compatible with NTCIP, the main international communication protocol used in intelligent transportation systems.
  • The software also supports TCP / IP based communication protocols (MQTT, COAP, Message Queue, and REST) which conform to IOT communication standards.
  • Appropriate SDK and API suites are providedin our solutions.
  • Parabol also adopts Open API and Open Data standards.

  • Cloud Computing

  • Parabol has sensor data and back-end scaling expertise for 6 years. With this expertise, Parabol, developed scalable, adaptable, interoperable, secure and high availability software and systems.
  • Centralized software, running entirely in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world via web browsers and mobile platforms.
  • To be benefited by our information services which are internet based, there is no need desktop application or additional device.

  • Big Data

  • Our centralized software collects and process more than two billion daily traffic data from various systems and sensors in the cities.
  • Collected data has been added into a pool of traffic information for optimizing our algorithms and increase our analytic and predictive capabilities.

  • Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic Management Center Software is being used to analyse and manage city traffic in 18 cities of Turkey and 4 different countries.
  • Decisions made using the system-generated traffic analysis can be applied by the decision makers to the traffic network in the short / medium / long term.
  • Geographic based traffic behavior can be deduced.
  • In line with this information, decision-makers who manage city traffic can monitor traffic network behaviors, and decisions and strategies can be applied on site through cooperative, value-added systems.